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Jhadten Jewall

Over the last 20 years, I have combined my training in crystal healing, shamanism, vibrational healing, and sound healing with my ability to channel and work vibrationally with groups, to activate the structures of the future within.

During my workshops I guide you to access the still part of your consciousness that is one with your soul energy.  The meditations are designed to improve your health, uplift your heart and delight your mind; to mirror to you the pure Essence of your Being.

I have travelled the world delivering these workshops, and it is my joy to guide people to a profound experience of the incredible gift that they are, as an embodied soul here on Earth.

I perceive energy intuitively and have learned to draw close approximations of what I see.  The images below are:  The energies of this workshop left), the Energies of 2024 (centre), the Energies of The City of Light Conwy (right).

For more information about my work please visit

Jhadten 2023.jpg
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