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Activating the fluid Light Body  

New Tools of Awareness, Embodiment & Fulfillment! 

In 2024 we have attuned to the dragon energies that are rising as a new vibration in the Earth, in our bodies and flowing through both in very new and different ways.  A deeper transformation and initiation into new Love and Harmony has been experienced. 

Now as we move into the second half of 2024, marked by the summer solstice, we are moving towards a more fluid kind of light body experience.  In the past perhaps we have experienced our aura in a slightly static way, just as the sun would radiate outwards, or a light build.  

This new energy arising now within the Earth and within our bodies is bringing all our energy into a more flame light state and our aura becomes also very dynamic, as you would perceive the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis.  As we embody more of our soul energy through intention and deeper breathing, we are bringing more of our soul’s passion and fire into our bodies and energy systems.  This is invigorating, uplifting and exciting.  

Indeed, we can easily perceive the affinity or similarity between the dragon energies and the northern lights.  However, through the ‘Fluidium’ (this flux-like state) we experience a different phenomenon of new awareness, embodiment and fulfillment.  We experience how our energy affects everything and everyone differently than previously.  It also seems easier to be more aware.  

As we experience these new energies (of love, balance, wholeness, compassion and so on) in our body, heart and mind, the phenomenon of this movement seems to also bring a greater, deeper state of fulfillment in our being.  Our minds feel more delighted, our hearts more deeply touched and our health is significantly increased.  We have more energy, more enthusiasm to do our daily tasks and more trust in the power of our souls to guide us passionately towards our goals and endeavours.  We will experience this in the course of the workshop. 

Maintaining this energy after the workshop is, of course, the responsibility of the particpants.  We will also be activating The New City of Light Conwy in Wales with this energy.  




©  New City of Light Conwy, Wales (UK)

Jhadten Jewall 2024

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