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Dragon Light

New Body Awareness ~

New Spiritual Growth

In 2023 we experienced a multitude of new layers of energy in the Earth, and in our body awareness, that opened new levels of our higher soul energy embodiment.

In 2024 we are greeted with the energy of the Dragon Light.  New energy waves are moving between the new layers of energy interacting with the previously familiar energy center in the Earth, the Universe and our bodies.  These dragon energies are similar to the dragon energies that move the vital life force of Mother Earth through all the Earth realms.  However, now this dragon energy is moving differently in the deeper levels of the Earth energies, in our bodies in the new levels of awareness as well as in the heavens!

We will, therefore, explore these new energies with the help of the Earth Dragon, the Heavenly Dragon, the Interdimensional Dragon, the Alchemical Dragon and the Cosmic and Galactic Dragons.  Each dragon aspect has a different quality and purpose in the continuing embodiment of our soul energy.  

Climate change gives a feel for these new dragon energies, for as the climate changes we experience a different ‘flow’ of energies than before.

Dragon energies can be very nurturing, helpful, healing, uplifting, freeing, enriching and sublime.  All of these new dragon energies can also be expressed through sound and we will explore these in depth. 

For through sound we create a new reality in us and around us in very clear, exact, profound and enduring ways.

Join us for this amazing journey into one of the most powerful soul archetypes in our global consciousness.  From Quetzalcoatl to Chinese myths and stories of Saint George, we are all familiar with these archetypal energies.  However, this year they present themselves in a very new and supportive way.

The Dragon Line (otherwise known as the Michael and Mary lines) in the UK is anchored in various places such as in the Hurlers Stone Circle in Bodmin Moor (Cornwall).  We will be activating this stone cirle in this workshop.  It will be amazing!




©  New City of Light the Hurlers

Jhadten Jewall 2024

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