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Earth Songs

Empowerment by Exploring the World of Mother Gaia's new sounds!

As the keys and codes of new embodiment have been received by lightworkers all over the planet, we continue to grow and evolve with these new openings and downloads of higher frequencies.  This change in the vibrational structures of the world and our bodies is audible, visible and palpable everywhere in the world today.  

As we move from 4th into 5th density reality, we are called upon to work with sound to transmit these new frequencies that contain the codes and patterns of a new reality, a new consciousness.  The codes and patterns are actually also sounds, which is how the patterns are optimally transmitted.  The Elementals of Water, Air, Earth and Fire are everywhere and their purpose is to create what is transmitted as patterns from the heart through sound.  As the frequencies that we receive at this time increase, so too do the frequencies of the Elementals.  This affects the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. 

So to attune to these frequency patterns, it is beneficial and helpful to connect to the sounds of birds, the visuals of flowers and the feelings generated by crystals.  This helps us focus on the new sounds of the earth that the birds sing, the flowers express and minerals transmit as feeling vibrations.  When we feel the vibrations of crystals we are actually experiencing how to embody certain frequencies of our souls.  These frequencies also have a sound and an expression.  The expression is the transmission of our soul energy through the third eye.  

Using all these tools can help us embody our soul energy more completely and thus we can be more empowered in our spiritual work of creating wholeness, peace, serenity and abundance. 

It will further strengthening our ability to be in an active state of consciousness, to live with awareness, and to be free of the past limiting and destructive belief systems and thought patterns. 

As Mother Earth and our bodies move through the next phase of transformation it is even more important than ever before to be centered, and at peace with yourself as well as with the world and mankind as they are moving through this period of great change

In this workshop we will be activating the City of Light Surrey Hills, an area south of London that holds the frequencies of this new work.  

Come and discover the passion of your soul and The joy of Life! 




©  New City of Light The Surrey Hills

Jhadten Jewall 2023

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