Transforming all Karma with Mother Earth in Order to Create a New World!

On 21 December 2020 we began a whole new level of evolution, having entered the Aquarian Age completely.

Therefore, it is time to dissolve all Karma with Mother Earth, so that we are free to use our full creative powers to manifest the Dream of Mother Earth that is also our Dream, the fulfillment of our Mission and Purpose on the Earth planes at this time.  

The Covid epidemic has had a myriad of different effects upon us in preparing us for this time.  We are confronted with our consumerism and devotion to materialism; we are learning to be more compassionate with our fellow human beings; we travel less and create less pollution – even industries have seen a reduction in their emissions; we are forced to face our mortality, vulnerability and discover what and who is truly of value and importance to us; we are learning to be creative in accomplishing our missions and develop a deep sense of gratitude for the digital world we have created, just to name a few of the effects. 

Though there are many more insights to be gathered from this time, let it be sufficient to say that it has all been there to prepare us for a different reality.  In the meantime we have learned that we can clear all traumas from our DNA structures to be able to embody the higher frequencies of our souls, to fulfill our mission and purpose both personally and on a collective soul group level.  

During Covid we have also experienced a new energy arising from Nature and hence also within our own bodies.  We realise that through the higher vibrations of the soul we can create a new immunity to disease, suffering and pain.  This new experience of nature and the new energy arising from the Earth, from Mother Gaia, from the Divine Feminine energies of our souls, indicates that we can now embody a higher frequency of our souls.  

Just imagine how high our vibration would have to be in order to negate the effects of Covid 19!  But that is perhaps its purpose to awaken us, to motivate us to rise above all the possibilities of infection, disease, distrust and division.  Our goal has to be to live with each other and the Earth in harmony, wholeness, safety, peace, and abundance for all.  The vivid imbalance of rich and poor in each country of the world, and also between countries of the world, is shocking, especially when we consider that there is truly enough for all.  However, to change this on a global scale shows us what strength and devotion are necessary and again the Covid experience is a global phenomenon that cries out for this to end.  

Yet the movement towards this goal is guaranteed, sure, steady, unavoidable and full of trust!  We have entered a New Age which calls for new values.  If we put all our energy into creating this New World then this movement can be accelerated.  Is there any activity more important than this in the world at this time? 

To begin to dissolve all the karma we have built up with Mother Earth through pollution and destruction, greedy use of fossil fuels, etc is the beginning of the ascension into a new freedom.  When we have cleared this karma then our energy systems can embody these higher frequencies of wholeness, harmony, peace and abundance.  

We have experienced in 2020, that we can work effectively, if not more effectively, through Zoom meetings.  We can include more people on a global scale through this work.  The gift of our new digital technology is to work more closely on a global scale.  Let’s use this for the good of Mother Earth and Humanity! 


In this workshop we will also be activating the City of Light in the Isles of Scilly! 


The New City of Light Isles of Scilly.  UK 

© Jhadten Jewall 2021