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The New Divine Rays
New Pathways of Spiritual Growth

On the Summer Solstice 2022 a culmination of energies occurred which made us aware that whole new Divine Rays were being accessed by our souls.  After Covid, as people resume their lives, we become aware that things have shifted dramatically and the new reality has very little similarity to the old one.  There are some very subtle and some very dramatic changes.  All of these are due to these new frequencies we are now exploring.


Just as we have relied upon the 7 chakra system up untill the Harmonic Convergence, now we are being asked to connect more clearly to the Earth realms and various layers of body awareness, in order to embody higher frequencies of the soul in such a way that they will be able to work through us on a daily basis and transform our reality.  

Crystals have helped us to do this.  In this year we are guided to work with crystals that have a particular shape, geometry, color and quality in order to embody these higher frequencies of our souls.  These crystals are usually not known to us, or at least not commonly known i.e. uranospinite, penfieldite, erythrite, proustite, anglesite, osumilite etc.  Yet it is these very unique and rare stones that help us to connect to these new higher frequencies of our souls.  So as we connect to higher healing qualities we may want to connect to brochanite instead of aventurine or jade.  Traditionally known minerals are still valid but we find greater resonance with these newer unfamiliar stones.  This also guides us to new spiritual pathways and growth experiences. 

In this workshop we will endeavor to connect with these new minerals and discover the growth opportunities and new spiritual paths they may guide us on.  

We will also be activating the City of Light Cheltenham, for it is here that the energy of the new Divine Rays is being held for all the Emerald Isles.  

We will use meditation, initiation and sounding to experience the new energies and embody them completely in fun and playful ways.

An Adventure for Mind, Soul, Body and Heart!  Enjoy!  




©  New City of Light Cheltenham

Jhadten Jewall 2022

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