through Presence

Working with the 8 Power Spots of the
Emerald Isles to Bless the World

At this moment in time our highest priority is to be in the present.  If we are too involved with our expectations of the future, we limit our possibilities immensely.  If we try to hold onto the past, we will suffer greatly.  The Pandemic has shown us that we will never return to the ‘normal’ we may have had before and for a very good reason.  In such divisive times, more than ever, it is to be focused on the possibilities of the present moment.  This year especially our intuition and inspirational faculties have been dramatically increased in order to find new solutions to our challenges. 

Being in service to Mother Earth and Mankind at this time is paramount and brings the greatest rewards.  Thus we will be using sound and crystalline frequencies as well as connecting to the 8 power spots of the Emerald Isles: 


Mount Snowdon 


The Pennines 





By connecting to these sacred spaces we will have the power of Mother Earth and the Heavens (for a power spot is where the two meet in focused ways) to bless the Earth and Humanity with the new patterns of Creation so necessary now.

In addition, we will be connecting to the Levels of Paradise, a higher soul frequency that resonates with the Inner City Matrix and the Dream of Mother Earth, to bring in these new patterns of Creation.  It is a very exciting endeavour as we have rarely connected with these levels before.  The Crystal Guardians of the Universe work through these levels to provide a deeper connection with Source, i.e. the highest frequencies of our Souls. 

We will also be activating the City of Light Cardigan (Welsh: Aberteifi) as this area is anchoring the Power of Presence for Enlightenment for all of the Emerald Isles.  New sound vibrations are emerging with these new patterns of Creation and I cannot wait to explore them all with you.  As the City of Light shows, it is an exquisite, delightful energy.  

Come one, come all!



©  New City of Light Cardigan, Wales.

Jhadten Jewall 2022