The Jade Heart of Compassion

Meeting your Soul face-to-face!  Clarity of your True Identity

Jhadten has led many sacred journeys and, especially on his first sacred journey, both he and his participants met their souls face to face.  

He experienced his soul as the Jade Heart of Compassion in the Emerald Buddha of Eternity.  After consulting with the Elohim Angels of Light, Jhadten’s soul family, he was told that this experience could also be created in the sacred environment of a workshop by tuning into the sacredness of the surrounding areas.  

So, with great enthusiasm and excitement, Jhadten has developed this workshop to enable others to experience their souls as directly as possible too.  

His experience dissolved all doubt about his identity and mission as a soul, and has proven to be the most valuable asset in his personal growth and development.  

In this workshop you will learn:


  •   How to connect to the Divine Aspect of your Soul and what its qualities are

  •   How to travel inter-dimensionally to connect with various higher frequencies of your soul and   embody them

  •   How to clarify your soul mission and purpose in this incarnation

  •   How to use this personal connection to your soul to clear all trauma in your DNA codes, and activate your soul’s gifts, talents, and abilities

  •   How to sound these energies and implement them in your daily life.

In this workshop, Jhadten will prepare you for the experience of meeting your soul.  Through guided meditations he will connect you as directly as possible with your soul.  

In pair work, and group work with sound. these experiences will be anchored into this dimension of reality.

Working with these experiences, we will explore the many possibilities of employing that energy into your daily life.  

These exercises are supplemented with various physical, emotional and mental exercises to ensure they are fully anchored in consciousness and useful on a daily basis.

For this workshop please provide your birthdate and birthplace, as well as your full name, when you register, so that Jhadten may prepare thoroughly for the workshop group and create the best possible experience.

We will also, as a group, using this newly discovered energy, activate the City of Light Compton which is a common goal for us all.  

Come and experience this powerful tool and embark on a wondrous journey of amazing experiences and greater empowerment.  

We look forward to seeing you there.


The New City of Light Compton, Guildford.  UK 

© Jhadten Jewall 2020

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