Mastery of your Soul Purpose

DNA Healing & Activation of A Soul Group!

In spring 2020 there was a major energy shift on our planet, on a global scale, and as the corona virus began to spread our everyday reality suddenly came to a standstill.  We were asked to stay at home, to self-isolate.  Everything pointed towards turning inwards rather than racing through our lives as we did before Covid-19.  

A profound shift happened within our crown chakras (corona=crown) which allowed us to connect more clearly to a higher vibration of our souls than ever before.  We became more conscious of our mortality, of our support systems and dear ones, as well as being challenged with the greatest change we have ever experienced on a global scale.  

All of this was occurring so that a new consciousness could be birthed, and out of that new consciousness a new reality. 

We have consciously chosen our DNA as it perfectly reflects all of the trauma our souls have ever experienced, as well as our soul’s gifts, talents and abilities.  Our ancestors have experienced similar traumas and some of our ancestors have completely embodied their soul energy and stood in their full power as souls upon the Earth planes.  When we clear all trauma in the DNA through the power of our soul energy we can then access the deeper layers of the DNA that contain our soul’s greatest qualities.  We activate these inherited qualities with a vibration of our soul that is much higher than ever before, because we are able to access it during this time of acceleration in vibrational frequencies, thus the activation of our soul’s qualities is magnified multifold. This process is assisting incarnated souls to achieve their life purposes.

Just as each person has a life purpose, so too do all soul groups that are gathered in certain places on the globe.  Our choice to incarnate in a certain country, civilisation, culture and mentality is a reflection of our choice to join our personal life purpose to that of a collective soul group.  The United Kingdom is often referred to as the ‘Emerald Isles’ for it seems that the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England all share a common goal and purpose.  That purpose is to rise above the sea of emotions, embody the soul’s energy of Divine Unconditional Love and to radiate this to the world, modelling to the world how this is possible so that all of mankind may rise into this peace and unity.  This modelling flows through the morphogenetic energy fields of the planet to every soul, making it easier for each soul to do the same.  

In this way the Soul Group of the Emerald Isles activate the Celtic Bardic Codes which are the sound codes of creating with a new consciousness, a new reality: a world of peace, wholeness, harmony and abundance for all.  

This workshop is about healing all trauma that prevents us from rising into the power of Divine Unconditonal Love and activating our soul’s qualities of being Malachim Angels of Light (the Kings and Queens of all Angelic Realms), for this is the archetype of the souls living in the Emerald Isles or connected to that mission.

I have been doing DNA healing and activations with individuals for the past five years and I will lay a crystal grid for this work and send you a picture so you can tune into the crystalline frequencies.  You may also hold one of the stones if you have one during the initiations.  We are looking forward to this work with great joy and a vision of wholeness.  Join us wherever you are! 


During this workshop we will also be activating the City of Light Aberdeen as it holds the energy of this mastery for all of the Emerald Isles. 

The New City of Light Aberdeen, Scotland.  UK 

© Jhadten Jewall 2020

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